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How to Closed Beta Test our App on Android | Google Mobile Devices

First, if you haven’t already, join the Closed Beta Testing Facebook Group!

Then, you can access the download for the app here. (See the above screen shot)

Often with newer android devices, users receive an error or notice saying this:

This is just an added security feature of newer Androids to prevent malicious sites from auto-downloading bad things.

To temporarily disable this feature, follow the on-screen prompts or go to: SETTINGS>APPS>CHROME>Install unknown apps>ALLOW

If you have come here through the Facebook App or any means other than Chrome you need to copy and paste this link in the URL space at the top of Chrome:


 Watch this short helpful video on how and where to access these options in the settings panel:

After completing those steps, you should be able to refresh the link in Google Chrome and download the install package. 

Once the download is complete open it and install ‘Love The Network’. (You may be prompted with another security warning, but I assure it’s safe.)
If you are not prompted to install after downloading you have to check your file manager >>>downloads>>>LoveTheNetwork.apk
This will install the app for you, also check notifications, sometimes it easily accessible there.

You will be prompted to allow the Facebook permissions, and then enter registration information. Please, be as accurate as possible.  At this time you are not required to enter your SSN (any number will work), as we are not conducting background checks during testing, however, if you do not, you will be required to provide one prior to initial Open Beta Launch, where background checking will be conducted.

Once this is complete, you will receive a notification that your request to join has been received and admins will need time to review and accept you into The Network. To currently expedite this process message us on Facebook Messenger Here (This is our page that manages the Beta Testing Group) or email info@ Subject ‘Verification Request’