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Revolutionizing Dating

The Problem and Solution to Online Dating – Our Story

The SEC regulations prohibit us from guaranteeing you will make a return on your investment, or speculate on how big the return could be in any given amount of years. So we thought we’d share this: At 29 & 34 … Read More

Dating After Divorce: What Is It Like In 2020?

What is dating like in 2020? If you’re coming out of a failed marriage or long-term relationship in 2020, it’s going to take a while to adjust. The dating marketplace has transformed drastically in recent times, and if you haven’t … Read More

This First/Early Dating Mistake Can Damage Your Relationship if it Becomes Long Term.

Why is it that every time you start to date some one for the first time, it seems to go great for the first month or two and then it turns out like all the rest? In short, it’s because … Read More

A Cautionary Tale of Online Catfishing

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventure Last May I embarked on my first solo trip abroad. I planned everything out: which cities I’d visit, which tours I’d take, and which mountains I’d climb. What I did not plan for was being taken for … Read More

Why Being Single is Good for you – And What You can Achieve from it

The question that I constantly get asked, which irritates me most, is “How is a beautiful woman like you single?” My literal response varies, however the content doesn’t and that’s simply “because I choose to be.” I had a friend … Read More

So you got a date with that cutie

The connection So, it was a couple years ago. I had recently become “friends” with a little hottie on Facebook at that time. My life was in a bit of “disarray” so to speak, but nonetheless I still wanted to … Read More

Dating & New Relationship Advice

At Love The Network we believe that ultimately, it is you folks who really define what to look for in a date, how to go about dating, and how to maintain a healthy relationship. So, we reached out to you, … Read More

Open Letter: To the new boyfriend it just isn’t working out with (Reader Discretion: SC)

    I really wanted to discuss something that’s been a bit of an issue for me. I hate to even have this conversation but I also think you’re only going to benefit from what I have to say; whether … Read More

Profile Pictures – What not to do

Over my time I’ve noticed the less than favorable profile pictures and short bios. Lets review some of the best things to avoid doing in profile pictures, and ways to perfect your dating profile photo! Things not to do in … Read More

The First Move

A guy’s perspective on making the first move. Who should make the first move, and how to make the first move. What to look for, and what signals to give. Let’s talk about the huge elephant in the room. You … Read More